How it Work

Free Website: Introduction

Free website service is a dream project of India Join to enable every small or medium scale business owner to run his business online. As we can observe in current times the companies running their business online are making far better profit than those are not yet aware of these opportunities. The main benefit of having a website is that you can make your services or products to reach a significant amount of audience, more preciously, highly targeted audiences. Thus, we are willing to provide a website to every business owner of the country, for completely free.

Now someone might be asking why we are doing this as designing a website is a tedious and expensive process. As money making is not our motive. If it was, there were a number of other ways to do so. But we are dedicated towards empowering the common men of the country. We do not want any kind of publicity, or any kind of recognition in the return. The profit of a small scale or medium scale business owner is our utmost priority and that’s all what we are working for.

To achieve this, we are providing every business owner with a “free” website which will be enabled with all the necessities any website require in order to run successfully. The site will be entirely describing the services or the business segment the person own. Along with that, we will provide them with the hosting services as well. All in whole, the website will be in a creamy running mode. All they have to need is to type the domain name in the browser and a stunning website is what they will see in front of their eyes.


Free Website: Procedure

The process entails delivering an all running websites to the local vendors and small scale business owners of your niche. For that, you will be providing us with a list of shop owners or business owners who are prospective customers for your products and services. For example, if you are a medicines manufacturer, the list may entail some hospitals or clinic owners.

After getting the list, we will require the complete information and material of the website you want to design for that particular owner. This material must contain every little description the person wants to show on his site. It’s your sole responsibility to agree the person to get a website designed for him. We are not charging anything from that person in order to design a website and making it alive, yet the website will be of good quality and will be in fine working order.

In return, for your efforts, we will place an advertisement of your esteemed firm on each and every page of the site. Thus you can imagine you will get an ever lasting advertisement on a very well running website. Along with designing and launching the site, we will also perform some promotional activities on it to maximize your profits. To get all this process accomplished, you will have to pay a one time amount of just Rs. 1999/-, which is nothing but your contribution to ensure this service may be rewarded to more and more people.

The process may confuse you somewhere but just consider one fact, even a low quality site charges more than that for placing a text link on a single page of it, for a certain period of time. And along with that, there are a number of other links placed near you, minimizing your visibility. In our case, your advertisement, not just the text link will be placed on every page of the site and only your ad will be there, a complete assurance of vast visibility.